About activities
About activities

Enjoy "Lake Yamanaka", the base of play in the Fuji Five Lakes area.

Marine sports on the lake in the summer, smelt fishing in the winter, and cycling and hiking in the spring and autumn.
Yamanakako area where you can enjoy various activities and sports throughout the year.
At Piilo asobi & stay, we are waiting for you with seasonal menus that you can enjoy.
  • Activity
  • Activity
  • SUP
    Rental fee ¥2,500/1H, ¥4,000/2H
    The price is for one person. *Additional charge of ¥1,000 per person will be charged if more than one person is using the equipment during the rental period.
  • wake surfing
    wake surfing
    Free course ¥4,500/person
    [Set contents] Lecture + about 15 minutes of free towing (life jacket rental, parking lot, insurance fee included) *Board and wetsuit rental ¥500/each *Boat only ¥500/person
  • Wake Board
    Wake Board
    Free course ¥4,000/person
    [Set contents] Lecture + about 15 minutes of free towing (life jacket rental, parking lot, insurance fee included) *Board and wetsuit rental ¥500/each *Boat only ¥500/person
  • Banana boat
    Banana boat
    ¥2,000/1 person (reception from 2 people)
    Let's try a banana boat with a swimsuit!I am addicted to the exhilaration of the banana boat.
  • ヨ ッ ト
    ヨ ッ ト
    Rental ¥6,000〜/1H
    In addition to rental, we also offer a trial course where an instructor rides with you and a school where you can master it in one day.It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from individuals to circles and corporate club activities.
  • Wakasagi fishing
    Wakasagi fishing
    You can take the fish you catch home with you, but after disembarking from the ship, we also offer a service to fry the fish you caught for those who order it at a nearby restaurant or cafeteria.
  • bass fishing
    bass fishing
    ¥700〜/1h, ¥2,000〜/4h
    Enjoy the powerful pull of the black bass!
    Various boats (low boats, electric boats, engine boats) and rental rods are available.
  • Rental Bicycle
    Rental Bicycle
    ¥700〜/1h, ¥2,000〜/4h
    It can be enjoyed by families and couples.There are always more than 60 cars, so please use it for events such as groups and school trips.
Tourist spot
Tourist spot
From the center of the Yamanakako area,
Easy access to nearby popular spots.
Piilo asobi & stay, located in the central area of ​​Lake Yamanaka, offers the shortest access to nearby popular spots.
It is a location where you can fully enjoy the Mt. Fuji Nakako area.
  • Oshino Hachiumi
    Oshino Hachiumi
    About 10 minutes by car
    A group of springs that have been selected as one of the top XNUMX natural monuments and famous waters of Japan. It is also registered as a World Cultural Heritage site as part of the constituent assets of ``Mt. Fuji - Sacred Place and Source of Art.''
  • Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park
    Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park
    About 5 minutes by car
    Nemophila in spring, sunflowers in summer, and cosmos in autumn.
  • Yamanakako panorama-dai
    Yamanakako panorama-dai
    About 15 minutes by car
    A popular observatory with a dynamic panorama of Lake Yamanaka below and Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps beyond.
  • Cycling road
    Cycling road
    Walk XNUM X seconds
    The 13.5km course that circles the shores of Lake Yamanaka while enjoying the view of Mt.
  • Nagaike Water Park
    Nagaike Water Park
    About 30 minutes on foot
    A view spot where beautiful Mt.Fuji shines over Lake Yamanaka. In mid-November and early February, you may be able to see Mt.Fuji reflected on the surface of the lake.
  • Kitaguchi Motomiya Fuji Asama Shrine
    Kitaguchi Motomiya Fuji Asama Shrine
    About 12 minutes by car
    A shrine that is said to have originated when Yamato Takeru designated it as a place of worship for Mt.
  • Asahigaoka Lakeside Park
    Asahigaoka Lakeside Park
    About 5 minutes by car
    A quiet park on the shores of Lake Yamanaka.The area's premier autumn foliage mecca where the "Autumn Leaves Festival" is held in autumn.
  • Hiking trail
    Hiking trail
    About 20 minutes on foot
    There are four hiking trails around Lake Yamanakako, all of which boast magnificent views of Mt. Fuji. Piilo is about a 4-minute walk from Ohira Hiking Trail.
  • Fujikyu Highland
    Fujikyu Highland
    About 15 minutes by car
    Families with children and couples can enjoy the day.An entertainment amusement park that boasts the Fuji area, which is famous for its thrill rides.
  • Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine
    Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine
    About 20 minutes by car
    A scenic spot where you can see Mt. Fuji over the five-storied pagoda.There is also a collaboration with cherry blossoms during the cherry blossom viewing season.On February 4, 2, the observation deck was reopened after renovation.